Spend Analysis


SpendCheQ’s Spend Analysis is a SaaS based on demand solution that provides easy to use visibility into your spend to enable you to clearly determine what is being spent, with whom, and for what purpose. Our functionally rich, scalable, and user friendly Spend Analysis solution is provided as a self-managed or managed service.

You no longer have to wait for your data. You can frequently and cost effectively refresh your spend data, run spend analytics on that data and continually find new opportunities for reducing spend. Standard and ad hoc reporting, which can be tailored by end users, can create multiple reports to evaluate and track potential cost saving opportunities.

The SpendCheQ solution is able to interface Spend Analysis with Catalog, Inventory, and SIM systems to create a holistic view of the supplier, products, contracts, and spend at the item level as never before in a single user sign-on. The systems are fully integrated with workflow and mapping functions that truly makes our solution one of a kind in the marketplace.

Your Challenges


  • Aggregating data from disparate data sources such as AP, GL, ERP, P-card systems is difficult and data is often inaccurate.
  • Poor spend visibility across business units / sub organizations / acquired companies.
  • Missing hierarchical capabilities in current spend analysis or legacy tools to process the data. Having limited spend visibility at the enterprise corporate level all the way down through the corporation to the business units/cost centers.
  • Limitations in maintaining global as well as business unit specific data standards like taxonomy, de-duplication rules and dimensional data.
  • Spend application managed only by IT experts.

Our Solution


  • SpendCheQ has the right solution for spend analysis. We have powerful processing and analytics capabilities that helps in delivering strategic cost values and desired results.
  • SpendCheQ Spend Analysis has a sophisticated highly productive advanced dashboard and analytic support tools. These comprehensive data management tool enables customers to manage the full spend management process and interface with multiple data sources.
  • Our application is designed with a flexible data mapping tool that can process any kind of data to provide unmatched analysis across all spends data sources.
  • Our self-managed solution makes it possible to get high-volume, high-quality and accurate spend analytics data in days, not weeks or months. Administrative controls are easy to use and allow full access to all data.
  • Our tool allows you to upload data in any file format or directly connect to your ERP/mainframe database to extract data or download files to an ftp location. Header mapping function lessens the burden on IT resources for extracting and formatting data to a standard format.
  • Our application is designed to facilitate organizational hierarchy, which means if you are a global organization having many business units in different regions or countries, you can easily manage all the business units using our tool.
  • Our applications allows you to manage users, data and rules individually for your organizations and business units. You can have separate spend reports by business units and also have a consolidated dashboard of all the business units at the organizational level.
  • Our application allows you to define separate or global enterprise wide data processing rules for your organization and its business units. This means you can have different taxonomies or normalization rules for each of your business units.
  • Our application is cloud based and designed with simple forms and self-managed capabilities. It does not require an IT expert to manage the application.

Key Features


  • SpendCheQ’s Spend Analysis transforms you data into valuable opportunities. Those opportunities may translate into better buying power, reduced costs and improved operational performance. It may also provide better management of your suppliers, while improving relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Allows significant savings by interactive and sophisticated analytics.
  • Enables invaluable insights into spending patterns across the entire organization using a hierarchical approach to managing the data
  • Customized and Interactive Dashboards examines and monitors spending by vendor and category all the way down to the item level
  • Self manageable and easy to use by administrative personal
  • Accommodates regional classification
  • Data Standards and Reports can be customizable at the business units or at the sub-organizations
  • Workflow controlled data processing
  • Supports Role Based Security that drives access to the dashboard’s customization and data

Key Benefits

Achieve Global Business

wide spend clarity – Up to date and global spend views provides the tangible spend views across the business and within each organization/location/unit. SpendCheQ has built the application in a hierarchical format allowing multiple views of the data for a complete view of the data either enterprise wide or by location/business unit.

Design and Prioritize savings opportunities

Valuable savings analytics help to identify maverick spend by detailed visibility by item allowing opportunities for significant cost savings. Providing visibility into metrics and benchmarking against your company and others.

Upgrade Spend Data

Aggregating, cleansing, enriching and categorizing spend data automatically and periodically maintaining the validity of the data

Increased Cost Savings

Identifying spending trends by understanding spend behavior and identifying opportunities to consolidate, negotiate, measure, identify top suppliers, pricing and contract validation

Reduced Supplier Risk and Pricing

Providing significant insight into supplier’s profiles enables you to work with selected suppliers to lower costs and minimize risks. Easy on boarding, monitoring and profiling of the suppliers provides deep insights into pricing methodologies and strategically managing the supplier community.