Product description


Supplier information Management

SpendCheQ’s Supplier Information Management (SIMQ) is a SaaS based application available as part of the family of products from SpendCheQ.  It provides a complete view of your suppliers and their products. It provides quick and reliable management of your suppliers, and their data.  Key to our SIMQ solution is that It minimizes your supplier risk and ensures compliance.

SIMQ analyzes the relationships with your vendors and gives instant access to details such as supplier business profile, product information, capabilities and capacity.  The application provides customizable forms for supplier registration and supplier data validity enforcement.  All you want to know about your suppliers is at your fingertips in one integrated easy to use application which interfaces seamlessly to Spend Analysis, Inventory and Catalog Management.


Catalog Management

SpendCheQ catalog management system offers end to end content life cycle management from catalog creation to publication with dynamic catalogs, customized deployment and workflows.

The manual process of using spreadsheets to manage and share product data is massive, unmanageable and leads to poor, inconsistent, and incomplete item data. Companies have product descriptions that are ambiguous, incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccurate and CatalogQ addresses each one of these issues while decreasing the product’s time-to-market. CatalogQ provides an easier and efficient way of extracting or uploading catalogs from ERP systems and provides the proper tools for configurations, approval management and catalog integrations.



Spend Analysis

SpendCheQ’s Spend Analysis is a SaaS based on demand solution that provides easy to use visibility into your spend to enable you to clearly determine what is being spent, with whom, and for what purpose. Our functionally rich, scalable, and user friendly Spend Analysis solution is provided as a self-managed or managed service.  You no longer have to wait for your data.  You can frequently and cost effectively refresh your spend data, run spend analytics on that data and continually find new opportunities for reducing spend. Standard and ad hoc reporting, which can be tailored by end users, can create multiple reports to evaluate and track potential cost saving opportunities.

The SpendCheQ solution is able to interface Spend Analysis with Catalog, Inventory, and SIM systems to create a holistic view of the supplier, products, contracts, and spend at the item level as never before in a single user sign-on.  The systems are fully integrated with workflow and mapping functions that truly makes our solution one of a kind in the marketplace.


Inventory Data Management

InventoryQ is a global Inventory Management solution which increases control over your inventory, reduces carrying costs, minimizes your obsolete inventory, optimizes stock cycles and guarantees targeted service levels at significantly lower costs.

InventoryQ’s Inventory Management and Control solution gives you the right tools to use inventory as a vital and strategic weapon for increasing profitability and giving your organization a competitive advantage.

InventoryQ‘s inventory optimization tool helps users to determine what inventory is available allowing them to manage and achieve their desired fill rates and reduce costly stock outs. SpendCheQ delivers this functionality through intelligent algorithms that optimize the order points and the quantities for every item in inventory.