Data Management Services

Data Management Services

SpendCheq’s data processing tools allows you to streamline and automate data standardization in enterprise environments. Our tools help you cleanse and maintain large volumes of data easily and efficiently. Users can load data in any format, perform batch edits, apply validation rules and fix errors without impacting production. Our products has a lot of intelligence built-in to make it simpler to use while having the agility of a workhorse to complete the tasks competently.

Catalog Data Cleansing

Our Catalog Data Processing system helps buying organizations in standardizing all of their supplier catalogs to required standards with various data cleansing services.


Removes special characters, standardize punctuations, expand abbreviations and re-arrange attribute values etc. in product description texts. Clean and standardize Manufacture/Suppliers names.


Classifies descriptions to standard or custom schema/taxonomies UNSPSC, RUS, etc


Enrich content by referring to various data sources like web sourcing, manufacturer /supplier contact sourcing, paper catalogs/datasheets etc.,

Inventory Data Cleansing

Our Inventory Data Cleansing help you reduce costs from duplicate and obsolete inventory data, minimize errors in buying and using replacement parts, and improve standards for inventory management.

Data Analysis

Analyze current data to assess quality standards and determine level of services required to cleanse the data. Create validation report which displays missing data, duplicates or other issues with data and recommend solution to resolve these data problems.


Identifiesall duplicates in inventory data repository and suggest pre-emptive methodsto avoid these issues from inventory item master dataset.

Data Classification

Assign nouns, modifiers, and commodity codes based on standard dictionaries or customer specific codes.

Data Enrichment

Enrich current data by referring to various data sources like web sourcing, manufacturer /supplier contact sourcing, paper catalogs/datasheets etc.

Image Sourcing

Source graphic images in the prescribed format and size from supplier and manufacturer documents and web sources

Spend Data Cleansing

Spend analysis is the process of aggregating, classifying, and leveraging spend data for the purpose of gaining visibility into cost reduction, performance improvement, and contract compliance opportunities. It is part of the overall spend management process that includes analysis, award, and monitoring of corporate spend. Data cleansing solutions helps customers to organize and analyze spend data.

Data Validation

Match items against standards, and then format, correct, and submit for approval.

Data Cleansing

Use rules to remove special characters, expand common abbreviations and acronyms, and remove unwanted numbers in name fields.

Supplier De-duplication

This is the process of Identifying and removing duplicate suppliers and combining spend information across duplicate suppliers.

Spend Classification

This is the process of assigning category codes to individual spend transaction records. The category codes are based on standard taxonomies like UNSPSC, SIC, NAICS or customer specific taxonomies as required.

Supplier Data Enrichment

Enrich supplier information to include parent/lineage and diversity information

Business Intelligence

We are pioneers in data analysis and reporting functions and use industry-standard data management best practices and techniques. We have a team of SMEs who are involved in creating standard and custom reports using Intelligent BI tools like Microstategy, QlikView and Logi-Info.


  • Reduced costs for report development and maintenance
  • Quick turnaround from raw data to reports thus reducing time to access final reports
  • Improved customer retention.
  • Delivery within promised timelines and budget.