Consulting Procurement

Consulting Procurement

“It’s not just about being better; it’s about being best in class”


Procurement ‘s role in the last few years has been to move from a tactical transaction based function and transition into a more strategic corporate role.  Initially global organizations were asking their Procurement organizations to step up and contribute to their corporate strategy in creating revenue and streamlining processes.  Currently other more local and US bound companies have taken the challenge and are looking at how they can build a high performance Procurement organization and align themselves alongside the corporate strategy.  To meet these challenges, Procurement organizations must transform their current strategies, processes, tools, and organization to meet those corporate needs.

SpendCheQ has the expertise and approach to focus on building a high performing Procurement organization with a team of seasoned consultants that have successfully implemented Procurement transformations across multiple private and public sector companies.  leo.

We focus on Strategy, People, Process, and Technology


We specialize in designing and implementing an organization wide procurement strategy that is aligned with the business.  As Procurement becomes an active participant at the corporate strategy table, SpendCheQ works with Procurement to implement the process and tools to enable the transformation in a meaningful and sustainable way.Developing strategic sourcing and category strategies is key to the process and prepares the Procurement organization in understanding their ROI and business opportunities.


Assessing the current organization and understanding its effectiveness is the first step to understanding the transformation and how the organization may change to meet the new structure.

SpendCheQ will conduct a skills assessment and enhancement program geared towards developing a procurement team that can meet and sustain the organization through the transformation and beyond.  Performance KPIs and career ladders will be developed to clearly define the steps through each phase of the implementation.

Finally, we will design the right organization structure to align with your organization.


Our engagements are supported by world class methodologies, templates and cloud based software, a rich knowledge base of best practices and market intelligence to implement a professional procurement support infrastructure.  We will conduct assessments of your current processes and recommend customized improvements and policies to meet your corporate strategic plans.


We will assist you in assessing your current technology and support you in acquiring and implementing the technology tools that best meet your environment and needs.  We will provide the best in class tools to enable a smooth road to the transformation.  In addition, as we provide the roadmap for the transformation, we will also be focused on delivering the strategic sourcing and spend analytics that will support and finance the transformation.